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Story telling is the most powerful marketing tool known to man. At DB3 Design, we create and promote stories that help your business turn its customers into marketers.

Why Use DB3 Design?


Our ability to tell stories that connect with your customers. Allows your business to grow the amount of people who become new customers.


We tell your story to the people who will care. You know who your target customer is. We just help you tell your story directly to them.


We allow you to understand the progress that your story is making. We also show you how we can improve it based on data.

Grow Your Marketing Efforts With No Effort

Want to increase yoru marketing efforts, but dont have the time? DB3 Design helps you increase who hears your story and who buys your products and services for a low monthly cost.

We Help You Grow

DB3 Design provides marketing services based on our budget. You can see benefits from our services whether you have $100 or $100,000.

Our Services

We provide one of a kind online marketing services that increase your conversions, reach your target customer, and help grow your business. We use all the tools that the web has to offer to help tell your story to the people who will act on it.

Choose your Plan

Pick the best plan that meets your business needs. A free trial is available to help you with the decision-making.


$100 /month

This plan is perfect for small businesses looking to grow their revenues.

  • 10 New Customers
  • 3000 People Reached
  • 2 Video Ads
  • 4 Alalytics Updates
  • 0 Alalytics Inisghts
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$300 /month

This plan is perfect for established small businesses looking to grow their current customer base.

  • 50 New Customers
  • 27000 People Reached
  • 3 Video Ads
  • 4 Alalytics Updates
  • 2 Alalytics Inisghts
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$500 /month

This plan is perfect for medium sized businesses looking to expand into new markets.

  • 100 New Customers
  • 81000 People Reached
  • 4 Video Ads
  • 4 Alalytics Updates
  • 4 Alalytics Inisghts
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